• MultiCam CNC Cutting Systems

    Routers, Plasma Cutters, Waterjets, Digital Finishers, and Lasers

    MultiCam Canada proudly distributes and services the complete MultiCam line of CNC Cutting Platforms. As your local technology centre, you can rest easy knowing that your CNC machine will be supported by the very best technicians in the industry. With over 25 years of experience in the field of CNC machinery, trust that MultiCam Canada will become an invaluable business partner.

  • Many Platforms, Infinite Applications

    Discover Global MultiCam Power

    A global force in innovative mechanized CNC cutting solutions, MultiCam Inc. manufactures router, digital finishing, knife, plasma, waterjet and laser machines. These versatile tables cut and process a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, rubber, stone and many others.

  • Complete CNC Solutions

    A Machine for Every Budget and Application

    Do you require the versatility of a waterjet? The polished edge of a laser? How about the speed of a plasma cutter?MultiCam has a machine that can be custom-built for your needs.

    See some of our Customized Systems
  • Choose a CNC Router for Versatile Performance

    Let us design a CNC routing system to maximize your productivity

    MultiCam Canada sells popular space-saving moving-gantry and moving-table CNC routers. Each series comes in multiple sizes that we can outfit with the appropriate options to meet your company’s specific requirements.

    Learn More About Our CNC Routers
  • Your CNC cutting solution experts!

    At MultiCam, we envision, engineer, manufacture, market and support a variety of custom CNC cutting solutions. From acrylic to zinc, we have a CNC cutting system to meet your company's unique needs.
  • Customer Installations

  • Our Partners

    • For over 40 years, KMT has been designing and manufacturing waterjet cutting pumps and high precision nozzles and consumables.

    • SigmaTek, the makers of SigmaNEST, have designed a software solution for every CNC platform.

    • Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced metal cutting products including cutting torches, CNC motion and height controls, and consumables.

    • ShopData Systems has a wide array of CAD/CAM nesting software products that service general fabrication, HVAC, and product manufacturing providers.

    • SAi are the makers of EnRoute: CNC software and CAD/CAM design software solutions for the wood working, sign making, manufacturing and fabrication industries.

    • Eurovac designs and manufactures high volume fume and dust extraction systems for companies requiring systems to treat highly contaminated air volumes.

    • Sideros Engineering manufacturers fume extractors, downdraft tables, welding positioners, and cartridge filters.

    • MultiCam is a proud supplier of LubeCorp's GreenCut cutting and misting fluids, proven to increase tool life and production speeds.

  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Invest in CNC

    Automating a cutting process with a MultiCam CNC machine sends profits to the bottom line. Using a CNC machine will help you produce more and produce better. Shorter lead times with reduced labour costs, increased accuracy and reduced material waste; that's how MultiCam helps you achieve your cost-saving goals. And purchasing a MultiCam means that you have an international team of experts behind the technology, with a local team of support, by your side.

    Find out what materials a CNC machine can cut

    Not sure which CNC platform is right for your business? Check out our Material Matrix to help you narrow down your search. Schedule a consultation with MultiCam Canada to discuss your unique application requirements. You'll discover how we can deliver individualized solutions to maximize your productivity.

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  • Testimonials

    • “The V-Series Plasma fits phenomenally into our operations. I should have done it years ago!”

      Rite Air Mechanical Co. Ltd.
    • “The 1000 Series Router’s accuracy is its best feature and we’ve seen a 40% increase in turnaround time per week.”

      Signs R Us
    • “The V-Series Plasma is a great product, nice and compact, easy to use.”

      R.K. Sheet Metal
    • “The Machine is great and very well suited for what we do here at DisplayIt. It has substantially improved the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and increased our margins, which is very important to us.” (2000 Series Laser)

      DisplayIt Graphics
    • “The best thing I ever did was buy a MultiCam. It’s very easy to use and does the work of four people.”

      Terry Bodeker, Plex-Appeal Inc.
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