The most powerful of the moving gantry design machines is the 7000 series. MultiCam’s 7000 Series CNC routers can be configured with up to four independent Z axis carriages or with heavy duty spindles and drill banks for multifunction panel processing.

MultiCam’s 7000 Series CNC routers offer the ultimate in high-performance CNC machining and are available in a broad range of standard table sizes and spindle configurations. Designed for high-speed, heavy-duty routing, 7000 Series machines are easily configured to meet a broad range of demanding application requirements in the woodworking, plastics and non-ferrous metals industries. Heavy-duty plate frame construction coupled with space saving, moving gantry design makes the 7000 Series a robust, commercial grade machine designed for today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

7000 Series Standard Features:

No machine offers more standard features than the MultiCam.

  • User-friendly operator interface
  • 35 mm linear ball bearing profile rails
  • Drive System: X,Y-Rack Z-Ball Screw
  • Standard Power: 220V/50 or 60HZ
  • 3,000 inches/minute rapid traverse
  • Standard Automatic Tool Calibration.
  • High-performance brushless AC servo system standard
  • 12 Megabytes of Memory with unlimited file size transfer capabilities
  • Standard Ethernet or RS232 direct connections

Yes, you do get Ethernet, Automatic Tool Calibration, and one of the easiest to use hand held interfaces for no additional cost!

Starting at $89,995 CAD

  • MultiCam EZ Control

    • Handheld keypad interface allows operator to set job parameters, jog the machine, perform system tests and download jobs from a remote computer system
    • Ethernet and serial communications interface are available to the host computer system
    • Productivity Software Suite is included
  • Controller

    • Type: Stand Alone RISC/DSP
    • Interface: RS232 or Ethernet / DNC
    • Memory: 12 MB
    • File Size Limit: Unlimited
    • File Type: M & G codes (EIA 274D), U-Cito, & HPGL
  • Machine Specifications

    • Z-Axis Clearance: 8″ – Optional 12″ or 16″
    • Z-Axis Travel: 17″
    • Repeatability: +/- .001″
    • Cutting Speed: 2,200 ipm
    • Rapid Traverse: 3,000 ipm
    • Drive System X and Y axis: Rack and Pinion
    • Drive System Z axis: Ball Screw
    • Standard Work Surface: 1″ Phenolic
  • Available Options

    • CAD/CAM Software
    • CE Certification
    • Bar-code scanning interface
    • MultiVision Digital Registration System
    • Oscillating Knife
    • Industrial PC Workstation

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7000 Series Router

7000 Series Router