SignMaker Express

The SignMaker Express is the final result of more than 15 years of hard work, customer feedback, testing, and trial-and-error at Multicam. As you compare it to other competing options, you’ll notice the SignMaker Express comes loaded with more standard features than any other option.

The chief benefit of the SignMaker Express is the nice, fine finish you get around the edges. It cuts at a speed of up to 1500 IPM, so you never have to worry about producing anything less than a high-quality sign. With a precision cutting repeatability of 1/1000th of an inch, you’ll get an excellent cut that impresses your customers every time. Like other Multicam machinery, it comes with a steel frame that ensures long product life and completely eliminates vibration. That adds an extra layer of quality to each cut you make.

Precision datums set your cut quality even higher to a level difficult for any other competing option to match. You always get Multicam’s included productivity software suite so you can get your project done quickly, efficiently, and with an amazing level of precision. Because of the SignMaker Express’s automatic calibration, you’re ready to cut shortly after you set your machine up too.

A number of customizable options are available also. You can choose a phenolic 4-zone slide-valve work surface, CAD/CAM software, and MultiVision Digital Registration System, which uses a camera and software to reduce errors in digital cutting. And of course, it comes with Multicam’s world-renowned reputation for stellar customer service.



SignMaker Express Gantry

SignMaker Express Working Surface


SignMaker Express Linear Bearings

SignMaker Express Base Frame

Ease of Use

SignMaker Express MultiVision

SignMaker Express Tangential Knife





  • Standard Features

    • MultiCam EZ Control
    • Solid-steel frame with precision datums
    • High-frequency 4-HP spindle
    • 12 MB memory with unlimited file-size transfers
    • Automatic tool calibration
    • High-speed three-axis motion controller
    • Precision dual X-axis motion controller
    • Cast dust collector shroud/pressure foot
    • Productivity software suite
  •     Specifications

    • 25mm linear bearing profile rails
    • Z-axis clearance: 4.5″
    • Cut speed: 1500 IPM
    • Rapid traverse: 2500 IPM
    • Repeatability: +/- 0.001″
    • Drive system X and Y-axis: rack and pinion
    • Drive system Z-axis ball screw

Starting at $74,995 CAD

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SignMaker Express Brochure