Custom CNC machine

MultiCam CNC machines can be custom manufactured to your unique manufacturing requirements. Do you need a machine with a 60ft table? How about two gantries? Six spindles? A rotary table? Custom paint scheme? We’ve built all of these variants for customers in the past, and our innovative design team can tailor a custom-built CNC machine to fit your needs. If a custom-built CNC machine is what you’re looking for, our sales team will work with you and evaluate your application to design a high speed, high accuracy cutting solution in a size to fit your company’s needs. We’ll even advise you what settings you should be using for the best quality cuts. In addition to this, you will receive the best support from our technicians, so that you be assured that your machine will run smoothly. Our sales team has had a lot of experience creating custom CNC machines for several different purposes. We’ve had customer ask about getting large machines, but not being able to fit through certain doorways. We will help design a custom-built CNC machine for you so that it will always be ready for maximum production.
Here are just some of the many examples of custom-built CNC machines designed for our customers:

Let us design a custom CNC cutting solution for you!