• MultiCam 1000 Series CNC Router

    MultiCam Canada’s rigid and reliable 1000 Series Router containing more standard features than any other machine in its class.

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  • 1000 Series Router: Feature and Specification Guide

    The industry challenge was to build a rigid, reliable CNC Machine platform with excellent performance at an entry level price. Over 15 years of cutting-edge, industry-leading design experience resulted in MultiCam’s 1000 Series Router, a machine that offers a price and performance breakthrough in CNC Router design.The MultiCam 1000 Series Router has more standard features than any other machine in its class, and is the perfect solution for sign manufacturing and applications requiring value, performance and price in a CNC Router.

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  • The MultiCam Router

    MultiCam offers a reliable router that provides high quality cuts on various types of material. The router is offered in a range of styles including the classic Series, 1000 Series, 3000 Series, 5000 Series, 7000 Series as well as the latest 5-Axis technology 8000 Series router. With a full range of table sizes, wide selection of spindle options and many additional features the MultiCam router can meet your routing needs, whatever they may be.

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  • Custom Router Options

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  • Tips for Better CNC Use

    CNC automation is widely used in the production and manufacturing industry. Shop owners want their machine operators to learn how to optimize the performance and safety of their equipment. The following are a number of tips from Cabinet Maker FDM to make your CNC operations successful:

    Tip One: Check your Power Requirements before New Installations

    Understand your power needs. When investing in a new machine it is important to plan ahead and research what type of power supply will be needed to ensure optimal performance. Making sure that all of the necessary infrastructure is in place will enable the implementation to run smoothly and efficiently.  

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  • 5000-Series Router cutting Aluminum

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  • Aluminum vs. Steel Truck Bodies

    Over the past few years, truck manufacturers are switching from steel to aluminum truck bodies. There are many factors to be considered when comparing these two materials including; weight, appearance, longevity and cost. Here I have found some major advantages to using aluminum in motor vehicle fabrications

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  • MultiCam CNC Router MG 205

    Oh how we have evolved over the years. While we still have many customers using the  MultiCam MG Series from cicra 2000. The technology has vastly undergone significant changes to provide customers with ultimate rigidity combined with superior edge quality. With 24  yars of machine manufacturing, MultiCam knows a thing or two about making equipment.

    Reflect back with us on past versions of the MultiCam CNC Router:

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  • EnRoute 5 – New 3D Surfacing Features

    We have all been anxiously waiting for EnRoute 5… And it has finally arrived!

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  • EZ G-Code Creator integrated with True Hole

    Shop owners who require simple CAM systems are often overwhelmed with the amount of complex programs on the market that require numerous steps to convert their drawing into CNC coding language (G-Code). Many Canadian manufacturers do not require the capabilities that expensive CAM systems offer, and appeal to a simpler program that makes the process of G-Code creation and nesting much easier.

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