• MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma with XPR 300

    Our NEW demo MultiCam 3000 Plasma with Hypertherm XPR 300 just landed for Fabtech Canada!

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  • Metalworking Manufacturing & Production EXPO (Moncton)

    Join us at the Metalworking Manufacturing & Production EXPO in Moncton, NB today (May 29th, 2018)! Router | Plasma | WaterJet |Digital Cutting/Knife | Fiber Laser | CO2 Laser

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  • Simple Solutions to 6 Plasma Cutting Mistakes

    Mistakes lead to wasted time and money. A good operator working on a well-maintained CNC plasma cutter saves your company thousands of hours and dollars, and generates you consistent revenue. Good operators know how to avoid the mistakes discussed below, and they should help your inexperienced team members learn how to avoid them too: Using […]

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  • Cutting vs. Rapid Traverse Speeds

    Cutting Vs. Rapid Traverse Speed

    Machine buyers often research the market thoroughly before making a capital investment while looking for key characteristics in a product that will give their business the greatest rate of return. Unfortunately, some people look through specifications that they may not completely understand, or worse, may be skewed by the manufacturer.

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  • How-to-Guide: Selecting a CNC Plasma Machine

    Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine

    Many successful metal fabricating and HVAC businesses are investing in CNC Plasma machines. Over the years these machines have become economically justifiable for small businesses and have drastically advanced for mass production lines. Implementing this technology into any business model requiring a cutting application can increase productivity and reduce production costs significantly. To ensure the equipment yields the expected results, it is necessary to consider certain factors when purchasing a CNC Plasma machine.

    10 Tips to Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine:

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  • Video: 3000 Series Plasma with Rotary Indexer Option

    The 3000 Series Plasma features a rigid, all-steel plate frame design that supports a variety of standard or high-definition plasma units. The rotary indexer is an optional feature that has a rotating lathe to easily rotate and position pipe tubing for plasma cutting.

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  • Video: 3000 Series Plasma

    Watch as it cuts stainless steel with Precision Motion Control

    The 3000 Series Plasma is the perfect choice for those looking for value in a plasma cutting system. The 3000 Series machine comes with the industry’s easiest-to-use operator interface, quality features, and MultiCam’s high level of customer service.

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  • Routine Maintenance and Cleaning of a Hypertherm Torch

    In addition to the webinar Hypertherm gave on lengthening plasma consumable life, they also provide some helpful suggestions for routine cleaning. Here are some of the steps for routine cleaning that will keep your Hypertherm Torch in optimal condition from the Hypertherm Torch Maintenance Guide:

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  • Plasma: Pierce Starts vs. Edge Starts

    In Plasma cutting there are two different types of starts, edge starts and pierce starts. They signify how the start of the cut will take place, and will have implications for other elements of the cut such as edge finish and quality. In addition the type of start used can affect your plasma consumable life. As a result it is important to understand the difference between the two types of starts in order to optimize your cutting experience.

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  • Video: 3000 Series Plasma with Scribe Option

    The 3000 Series Plasma is the perfect combination of value, versatility and firepower. The 3000 Series Plasma comes with optional downdraft tables and pull-out dross drawers for fume extraction and quick cleanup. The scribe option allows you to engrave on a variety of different materials perfect for numbering components.

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