• The Importance of CNC Router Maintenance

    Many of today’s computer numerical control (CNC) routers have achieved the epitome of high-tech sophistication for sign shops focused on providing precise cutting and shaping to meet their customers’ demands. These machines—usually representing one of the largest investments a sign shop will ever make—are capable of 20 years of productivity. From a pure business perspective, […]

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  • Compression Cutters in Sign Making

    In the sign making industry, it is necessary to treat each type of material individually for their specific properties, and selecting the best tool for each material can make a huge difference in your finished product. When selecting the best tool for the job, you can select a flute that is straight, upcut, downcut, or compression.

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  • Aluminum vs. Acrylic Signs

    Some of the most popular sign materials used in the industry today are Aluminum and Acrylic. Customers may ask which material is best to use for their sign, the chart below lists the properties of each of these materials, and cutting solutions for these surfaces.

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  • Customer Installation: One of Canada’s Largest Construction Contractors

    Working with Habitat for Humanity to Give Back to the Community

    MultiCam Canada is thrilled to announce the recent installation of both a 5-axis 3000 Series WaterJet and a 7000 Series Router with a knife option for one of Canada’s largest construction contractors. The company plans to use these machines as part of a joint project with Habitat for Humanity to help build two-unit, semi-detached homes for low-income families. This is a project that resonates deeply with our core values and we are happy to have the opportunity to contribute.

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  • Video: MultiCam 7000 Series Router

    MultiCam’s 7000 Series Router is our premier 3-axis CNC Router designed to deliver heavy-duty routing at high speeds to give you a competitive edge in today’s market. It also offers a high-degree of customization to suit your needs for a broad range of applications.

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  • The Impact of Automation on the Woodworking Industry

    How automated CNC routing is changing the way people think about woodworking

    CNC-Router-Category3The automation of manual work processes has greatly impacted the Woodworking industry. The transition to automation began with the development of CNC cutting technology which helped to successfully replace the hands of a woodworker with a safer and more accurate computer controlled cutting head. CAD/CAM software programs also play an important role in the transition by making the entire manufacturing process more efficient by offering a user-friendly interface to help cut intricate shapes and patterns that can be repeated any number of times with an identical output.

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  • CAD/CAM Software: Carving a new path in the Sign Industry

    SONY DSCToday’s CNC routing technology is being combined with interactive design software to establish a process that will increase sign making revenues and produce a remarkable finished product. CAD/CAM software, such as Enroute Pro 5, allows sign makers to produce complex three-dimensional models that add value to the product by establishing a greater visual impact for customers. New generation routing software can help shops reach new heights by enabling more sophisticated signage, a direct result of applying very realistic textures and designs to a signs background. Combining this software with classic techniques like carving and hand painting, intuitive routing software represents a new direction in the sign making industry for sign makers who wish to take this path and create powerful 3D images for customers.

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  • CNC Routers: Driving Production Trends

    The versatility and sheer power of CNC routers has substantially impacted how many different shops approach their manufacturing processes. This is due to the functionality of modern CNC cutting equipment which utilizes easy to use CAD programs for the design of detailed pieces that are cut with absolute precision. The CNC router has become a prominent fixture in workshops and manufacturing processes due to its versatility and efficiency. The widespread availability of the router has allowed for several trends to emerge that have quickly and drastically changed the way many shops think about their production processes:

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  • The Advantages of Choosing a CNC Router

    CNC routers are automated cutting solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of manufacturing processes while enhancing product quality.  Routers can cut a wide variety of materials, anywhere from CNC-Router-Category3wood to aluminum, establishing itself as a very flexible cutting device. CNC routers are responsible for satisfying even the most unique manufacturing needs, providing shops with the versatility and efficiency needed to improve operations, and helping to stay competitive in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Although its flexibility and ease of use are often considered the router’s defining features, they also have several other characteristics that make the machine a powerful well rounded cutting solution.

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  • 7000 Series Router Features and Specifications

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