• The Role Of CNC Automation In Modern Manufacturing

    No business can survive without adopting the most advanced technologies, and in manufacturing, there are few devices more important than CNC machines. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, manufacturing involves operating lathes, mills, drills, and other devices from a single computer. Manufacturers program the computer with precise instructions for the products they want to make; the […]

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  • The Evolution of CAD/CAM Software

    CAD/CAM software must be updated to perform alongside machining advancements

    vinylknifecolletDue to the constant development and improvement in CNC machining systems, programming systems have evolved alongside allowing users to effectively support more complex and advanced machining systems. The major driving force in the CAD/CAM industry is an extremely competitive global manufacturing environment that demands continuous improvements in processes and operations. Manufacturing firms are addressing these growing pressures by increasing their purchases of more complex CNC cutting systems to improve quality. As a result, the necessity for efficient and effective software to control these tools increase. The primary objective in CAD/CAM software is to improve user productivity and product quality by producing user-friendly software. Listed below are several machining trends that greatly influence the CAD/CAM industry:

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  • AlphaCam CAD/CAM Software Running on the MultiCam 8000 Router

    Watch the incredible AlphaCam software’s railing application on the MultiCam 8000 Series Router.

    Watch the Video Here.

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  • Introducing KASEMAKE Software

    MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with AG/CAD for Canadian distribution of KASEMAKE. The two companies will work to provide the Canadian manufacturing industry with automated cutting solutions aimed at the POP, POS, Packaging, Merchandising, and Sign sectors. MultiCam’s superior digital cutting system combined with AG/CAD’s customizable CAD software will provide customers the ultimate ROI.

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  • MultiCam 3000 Series WaterJet

    MultiCam 3000 Series Waterjet cutting system is an affordable, easy-to-use, production cutting solution designed for manufacturers that want the ability to cut a wide variety of materials.

    Watch video here:

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  • Why WaterJet? The Capabilities are Endless.

    The WaterJet cutting solution is the fastest growing precision machine process available. Its high efficiency, productivity, and environmental friendliness, makes it a competitive technology in the CNC machining industry.


    What are its capabilities?

    Since the WaterJet works directly from your CAD files, there is no waiting on fixtures, dies, or even programming. It is high in accuracy, to about +/- 0.003” for parts under 1’ and +/- 0.005” for parts over 1’ long, completed with a clean and smooth finish. The WaterJet leaves a sandblasted edge, with virtually no burr. It is also known for its material integrity. Given that there is no use of heat, there is no hardening, burning, and/or property changes.

    In response to current environmental awareness initiatives, the WaterJet stands out as an eco-friendly technology. It only uses water, garnet, and electricity.  This leaves no room for cutting fluids, oils, fumes, or burning.

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  • Educational Institutions: The New Niche Market for CNC Machinery?

    There is currently a large gap between the demand of the manufacturing job market and the qualifications required to actually work in it. With unemployment rate still above 7%, it is surprising to learn that there is still a large availability of manufacturing jobs. An explanation for this is the extensive job training that is required in many manufacturing positions.


    Most businesses today are lean, and therefore prefer qualified applicants with basic numeric and computer skills to operate complex CNC machinery. Thus, there is a mismatch between the skills of the candidate pool and the job requirements.

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  • EnRoute 5 in Action

    As mentioned in a previous blog post, Sign Effects and Design is equipped with the MultiCam 5000 Series Router. To accompany this powerful machine they have the new EnRoute 5 Software Pro Version. The combination of these two technologies creates a production team that is truly unstoppable!

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  • Kerf on a Waterjet

    Kerf is the amount of material removed during the cutting process along the line that is being cut. For a waterjet, the kerf is very narrow because of how thin the stream of high velocity water directed at the piece of material is.

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  • Male, Female and Online Cut Paths

    When designing a cut in any CAD/CAM software an important element to consider is the type of toolpath that will be used. There are three different types of toolpaths that you can have. They are called Male, Female and Online. These will signify on which side of the design the torch or tool will make the cut. This has significant implications for plasma and router cutting because of the kerf. Kerf is the amount of material that is removed to make the cut, representing the width of the cut. The CAD/CAM software will offset the kerf to either the outside, the inside, or on the vector design line.

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