• 5 Causes Of Chatter In Your CNC Router

    CNC Router

    It shows up when you inspect your CNC router. It’s not welcome; and it’s hard to find the real cause of it. It gets loud and obnoxious. It ruins your work quality and, it’s just not wise to let it persist once you’re aware of it. What is it? Chatter. That unwelcome vibration that reduces the […]

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  • What’s a Spindle?

    A CNC machine’s spindle is simply the motor performing the actual cutting with the help of the cutting tool. The spindle can then be viewed as the actual router of a CNC cutting system. There are a number of spindle options available for the end user specific to the material being cut such as wood or metal. Correct spindle choice involves many factors, including: horse power, rotations per minute, load ratings, power requirements, collet type, and collet size.

    The weight of the spindle is another important aspect to make note of. The machine needs to be able to support the weight of the spindle as some spindles can weigh upwards of 18-20 pounds.

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  • Classic Series Router

    Introducing MultiCam’s new Classic Series Router ideal for cutting plastics, non-ferrous metals, composite materials, wood and more. No machine in its class offers more standard features than the innovative and versatile MultiCam Classic Series Router. It features:

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  • MultiCam Classic Series Router: Feature and Specification Guide

    MultiCam® accepted the industry challenge to build a rigid, reliable CNC cutting machine platform with excellent performance at an entry-level price.Over 20 years of cutting-edge, industry-leading design experience created the MultiCam Classic Series Router. This machine offers a price/performance breakthrough in CNC router design.

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