• 5 Types Of Cutting In CNC Routing

    5 Types Of Cutting

    In CNC routing there are generally 5 types of cutting: male, female, center, cleanouts, and drilling. It’s important to recognize which category your cut falls into as you will need to indicate the type of cut in the CAD software you are using. Each type of cutting has a specific purpose, requires specific types of drill bits, and the machine operator must take into account certain parameters for the cut to achieve the desired outcome.

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  • Common Line Cutting

    Common Line Cutting example for Laser

    A couple weeks ago we posted an article on cutting techniques that will increase your shop’s efficiency. One of those techniques is common line cutting. Shop Metalworking Technology has just released an article written by Sylvain Robidoux, an engineer with SigmaTEK (the makers of SigmaNEST software). Implement common line cutting/nesting to improve fabricating efficiencies Manufacturers are […]

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