• Fabtech Canada 2018 Wrap Up!

    The MultiCam Canada team would like to thank everyone who came out and visited our booth during the Fabtech Canada tradeshow 2018!! Click below to see a few recap pictures: Contact us today and request an on-site demo of our CNC cutting systems and learn how MultiCam can support you in maximizing your productivity and competitive […]

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  • MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma with XPR 300

    Our NEW demo MultiCam 3000 Plasma with Hypertherm XPR 300 just landed for Fabtech Canada!

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  • Simple Solutions to 6 Plasma Cutting Mistakes

    Mistakes lead to wasted time and money. A good operator working on a well-maintained CNC plasma cutter saves your company thousands of hours and dollars, and generates you consistent revenue. Good operators know how to avoid the mistakes discussed below, and they should help your inexperienced team members learn how to avoid them too: Using […]

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  • Cutting vs. Rapid Traverse Speeds

    Cutting Vs. Rapid Traverse Speed

    Machine buyers often research the market thoroughly before making a capital investment while looking for key characteristics in a product that will give their business the greatest rate of return. Unfortunately, some people look through specifications that they may not completely understand, or worse, may be skewed by the manufacturer.

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  • Plasma Terms Explained

    Plasma Terms Glossary

    Have you ever had trouble understanding terminology used by others in manufacturing? For those of you who are new to plasma cutting, listed below are definitions to some of the most commonly used plasma terms.

    • Angularity: Measurement of the plasma cut angle.
    • AC: An electric current that reverses its direction many times a second at regular intervals, typically used in power supplies.
    • CNC: Computer Numeric Control, the automation of machine tools operated by programmed commands.
    • Lag lines: Ridges in the surface of the cut.
    • Dross: Waste material from plasma or oxyfuel cutting processes.
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  • How-to-Guide: Selecting a CNC Plasma Machine

    Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine

    Many successful metal fabricating and HVAC businesses are investing in CNC Plasma machines. Over the years these machines have become economically justifiable for small businesses and have drastically advanced for mass production lines. Implementing this technology into any business model requiring a cutting application can increase productivity and reduce production costs significantly. To ensure the equipment yields the expected results, it is necessary to consider certain factors when purchasing a CNC Plasma machine.

    10 Tips to Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine:

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  • 5 ways CAD/CAM Nesting Software Can Improve Your Bottom Line

    Improve your bottom line with nesting software

    Author Aylson Schoenung recently posted an informative article titled “5 ways that CAD/CAM nesting software impacts the bottom line” on thefabricator.com. We’ve summarized the article below highlighting the main points, but feel free to read the article in its entirety here.    In today’s market, fabricators are called to take on more small to medium volume jobs […]

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  • Lean Manufacturing – Introduction

    We are always pleased when we get the chance to feature well-written articles on lean manufacturing. MultiCams products synergise extremely well with the strategy of adopting lean practices due to the custom and flexible nature of their design. With this in mind we are delighted to announce that we are going to be featuring a […]

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  • The State of Plasma

    plasma cutting industry trends

    FabShop Magazine recently interviewed Evan Smith, president of Hypertherm. Based on the recent economic downturn, Fab Shop Magazine questioned how the plasma industry, and really the fabrication industry as a whole, was progressing, and what trends would we see in the near future. FAB Shop: What’s the state of the plasma industry right now? Smith: […]

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  • Common Line Cutting

    Common Line Cutting example for Laser

    A couple weeks ago we posted an article on cutting techniques that will increase your shop’s efficiency. One of those techniques is common line cutting. Shop Metalworking Technology has just released an article written by Sylvain Robidoux, an engineer with SigmaTEK (the makers of SigmaNEST software). Implement common line cutting/nesting to improve fabricating efficiencies Manufacturers are […]

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