• Alcoa, Baie-Comeau, PQ

    It’s been 15 years since with installed a MultiCam MG Series at Alcoa in Baie-Comeau, PQ.

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  • How to Create the Right Warm-Up Routine for Your CNC Machine

    CNC Plasma Machine

    Think of your favorite athlete. While you rarely see them warming up on TV, every professional athlete has a warm-up routine they use. If they don’t, they risk injury, and they often don’t perform as well during the contest. Though not human, your CNC machine works the same way and needs a warm-up routine of […]

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  • What To Do When Your CNC Machine Goes Down

    CNC Machine

    It’s your worst nightmare when running your CNC machine. You’re chugging along, happy with your productivity. Maybe even excited because you know you’re going to have something good to show your boss. And then your machine stops doing anything. Or, maybe your CNC machine didn’t even start up in the first place. It happens because […]

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  • What Top CNC Shops Do Differently

    cnc shops

    Some CNC shops way outperform others. Common sense tells you that. But what’s hard to figure out is why. If you knew that, then you could start to modify your CNC shop so you become one of the leaders. And it might even inspire  your thinking to the point where you find ways to innovate beyond your […]

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  • What to Look For When Purchasing a CNC Waterjet

    10 things to look for wen purchasing a CNC Waterjet

    Waterjet cutting machines can cut steel, aluminum, brass, stone, granite, marble, plastics, foam, PVC, and many others. In order to purchase a stable machine with consistent and precise cut quality there are certain factors that need to be considered before purchasing the system.

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  • Lean Manufacturing – Performance Management (2)

    We are always pleased when we get the chance to feature well-written articles on lean manufacturing. MultiCams products synergise extremely well with the strategy of adopting lean practices due to the custom and flexible nature of their design. With this in mind we are delighted to announce that we are going to be featuring a […]

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  • CO2 Lasers have a lot to offer

    For today’s post we have another excellent article from the Canadian MetalWorking Magazine. In this installment Nestor Gula discusses the role of Laser Cutting Systems within the manufacturing world and delves into the key differences between fiber and CO2 lasers. When it comes to deciding on the right type of laser cutting system, fiber lasers have been […]

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  • Cutting Titanium

    Here is an informative article by Nate Hendley from the CANADIAN METALWORKING MAGAZINE, bringing you solutions to common titanium cutting questions as answered by industry experts. Known by the symbol ‘Ti’, titanium is an increasingly popular ‘go-to’ metal for manufacturers. “Titanium is both strong and lightweight—as strong as steel but weighing only 56 per cent as […]

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  • The State of Plasma

    plasma cutting industry trends

    FabShop Magazine recently interviewed Evan Smith, president of Hypertherm. Based on the recent economic downturn, Fab Shop Magazine questioned how the plasma industry, and really the fabrication industry as a whole, was progressing, and what trends would we see in the near future. FAB Shop: What’s the state of the plasma industry right now? Smith: […]

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  • CNC WaterJets vs. CNC Lasers

    High-pressure CNC WaterJet machining offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies. These machines use a concentrated stream of water to erode materials with a high degree of accuracy and have no heat-affected zone. CNC Laser cutting, on the other hand, involves focusing a laser to melt, burn, or vaporize a material. The main advantage of lasers is that the laser never touches the material its cutting, thus avoiding contamination and reducing the size of the heat affected zone (HAZ). Both Lasers and WaterJets are attractive options for any machine shop, but WaterJets are more cost-effect than lasers and can cut a wider range of material. Below are just some of the advantages WaterJets offer over CNC Laser machines.

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