• MDF vs. LDF Spoilboards

    MDF, or Medium-Density Fibreboard, is a composite wood product that is sold in large, thin sheets with a density between 0.5g/cm3 and 0.8g/cm3. It is a type of hardboard with two smooth surfaces, made from wood fibres and particles glued under heat and pressure.

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  • Fabtech Canada 2018 Wrap Up!

    The MultiCam Canada team would like to thank everyone who came out and visited our booth during the Fabtech Canada tradeshow 2018!! Click below to see a few recap pictures: Contact us today and request an on-site demo of our CNC cutting systems and learn how MultiCam can support you in maximizing your productivity and competitive […]

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  • In order to shape thicker steel, one fabricator shifts away from manual cutting methods

    By Gretchen Salois May 2018 – Whether fabricating a 6,000-square-foot addition to the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver, or steel towers to reawaken a city’s downtown, Viaduct Sheet Metal Ltd. couples design with finished product. The 30-year-old specialist in commercial property and high-rise residential work transforms steel and aluminum. It wasn’t until a few months ago that the […]

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  • The Importance of CNC Router Maintenance

    Many of today’s computer numerical control (CNC) routers have achieved the epitome of high-tech sophistication for sign shops focused on providing precise cutting and shaping to meet their customers’ demands. These machines—usually representing one of the largest investments a sign shop will ever make—are capable of 20 years of productivity. From a pure business perspective, […]

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  • 1000-Series Plasma with Oscillating Knife


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  • Alcoa, Baie-Comeau, PQ

    It’s been 15 years since with installed a MultiCam MG Series at Alcoa in Baie-Comeau, PQ.

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  • How to Create the Right Warm-Up Routine for Your CNC Machine

    CNC Plasma Machine

    Think of your favorite athlete. While you rarely see them warming up on TV, every professional athlete has a warm-up routine they use. If they don’t, they risk injury, and they often don’t perform as well during the contest. Though not human, your CNC machine works the same way and needs a warm-up routine of […]

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  • What To Do When Your CNC Machine Goes Down

    CNC Machine

    It’s your worst nightmare when running your CNC machine. You’re chugging along, happy with your productivity. Maybe even excited because you know you’re going to have something good to show your boss. And then your machine stops doing anything. Or, maybe your CNC machine didn’t even start up in the first place. It happens because […]

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  • What Top CNC Shops Do Differently

    cnc shops

    Some CNC shops way outperform others. Common sense tells you that. But what’s hard to figure out is why. If you knew that, then you could start to modify your CNC shop so you become one of the leaders. And it might even inspire  your thinking to the point where you find ways to innovate beyond your […]

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  • What to Look For When Purchasing a CNC Waterjet

    10 things to look for wen purchasing a CNC Waterjet

    Waterjet cutting machines can cut steel, aluminum, brass, stone, granite, marble, plastics, foam, PVC, and many others. In order to purchase a stable machine with consistent and precise cut quality there are certain factors that need to be considered before purchasing the system.

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