• The Role Of CNC Automation In Modern Manufacturing

    No business can survive without adopting the most advanced technologies, and in manufacturing, there are few devices more important than CNC machines. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, manufacturing involves operating lathes, mills, drills, and other devices from a single computer. Manufacturers program the computer with precise instructions for the products they want to make; the […]

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  • Alcoa, Baie-Comeau, PQ

    It’s been 15 years since with installed a MultiCam MG Series at Alcoa in Baie-Comeau, PQ.

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  • Nesting and ERP Software: Better Together

    SigmaNEST Version 10 can communicate with ERP Software

    Shop Metalworking Technology has just released a field notes article about our partner SigmaTEK and their SigmaNEST software. Brunswick Steel’s 5,574 sq. m fabrication operation in Winnipeg, MB, produces a lot of parts for a diverse customer range in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario, so manufacturing efficiencies are critical to the company’s success. That’s why […]

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  • Double Walled Ducts

    Double walled ducts are essentially a type of ductwork that has two walls and liner in between. There are a few reasons why these ducts would be chosen instead of a traditional single walled duct:

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  • ShopData QuickPlate Builder

    QuickPlate Builder is the quickest way to build a nested plate!  The software features a simple one screen platform which lets you draw, design and nest your parts. The following are some of the comprehensive features that are included in this software:

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  • The 5 Core Strengths of the EnRoute 5 Software

    1)    Design Tools: These tools allow the user to easily create and edit shapes. They include such features as the jigsaw tool for constructing shapes and the vectorization engine.

    2)    3D Surfacing/Texturing: EnRoute allows you to add texture to your design and then cut it. This feature creates so many new design possibilities that extend from the constraints of two dimensions to the flexibility of three dimensions. The software has a collection of Parametric Surfaces, as well as a Rapid Texture tool that allows the bit to cut three dimensionally.

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  • EZ G-Code Creator integrated with True Hole

    Shop owners who require simple CAM systems are often overwhelmed with the amount of complex programs on the market that require numerous steps to convert their drawing into CNC coding language (G-Code). Many Canadian manufacturers do not require the capabilities that expensive CAM systems offer, and appeal to a simpler program that makes the process of G-Code creation and nesting much easier.

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  • Hypertherm MTC Software

    MTC Software, a division of Hypertherm, offers industry leading CAM Nesting Software and Punching Software.

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  • 6000-Series Bridge & Rail

    The featured product for February Fabrication Edition is the MultiCam 6000-Series Plasma.

    Equipped with a Bridge and Rail System, this heavy duty machine is designed for manufacturers needing a large processing area

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  • EnRoute 5 Software Features: Advanced Nesting Suite

    As mentioned in an earlier blog post nesting is defined as the process of positioning parts as closely as possible to optimize material yield and cut time

    Advanced Nesting Suite (New Features)

    Advanced True-Shape – An improved nesting algorithm offering new competencies and extended flexibility. The previous algorithms also remain in the single user interface, creating an effortless process. True shape nesting allows users to rotate objects in increments as small as 1 degree. This powerful feature gives more control over the Gap, and Margins of each desired object

    True-Shape Nesting – EnRoute 5

    Block Nesting – This features’ advantages arise when cutting rectangular blocks. The tool recognizes common lines among the blocks to optimize material yield and cut time.

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