• Cutting vs. Rapid Traverse Speeds

    Cutting Vs. Rapid Traverse Speed

    Machine buyers often research the market thoroughly before making a capital investment while looking for key characteristics in a product that will give their business the greatest rate of return. Unfortunately, some people look through specifications that they may not completely understand, or worse, may be skewed by the manufacturer.

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  • Troubleshooting Checklist: When Issues with Consumable Life & Cut Quality Arise

    Production managers and operators have high performance expectations of their equipment. When customers experience problems with the cut quality and the life of the plasma cutting consumables, the following steps should be addressed: Read the owner’s manual accompanying the equipment. “The owner’s manual is the bible for settings, trouble-shooting and performance indicators. Understanding how the […]

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  • Customer Installation: Southeast Welding installs MultiCam 3000 with Hypertherm XPR 300

    Denis & Christian Petitpas of Southeast Welding in Cap-Pele, NB are now outfitted with the latest and greatest MultiCam & Hypertherm technology. With the installation of the MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma table combined Hypertherm XPR 300 Power Supply these entrepreneurs are now cutting ahead of the competition. The new Hypertherm XPR300® represents the most significant […]

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  • How-to-Guide: Selecting a CNC Plasma Machine

    Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine

    Many successful metal fabricating and HVAC businesses are investing in CNC Plasma machines. Over the years these machines have become economically justifiable for small businesses and have drastically advanced for mass production lines. Implementing this technology into any business model requiring a cutting application can increase productivity and reduce production costs significantly. To ensure the equipment yields the expected results, it is necessary to consider certain factors when purchasing a CNC Plasma machine.

    10 Tips to Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine:

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  • Torch Quality Determines Cut Quality

    Some useful tips to keep your Plasma cutting smooth

    A plasma torch is designed to allow various gases, torch coolant, and electrical current flow through the plasma cuttingtorch simultaneously without adversely affecting one another. As such, the torch is an extremely important component to the CNC plasma cutting process and improving the torch consumables will effectively yield higher quality cutting results.  Below is a list of torch consumables that require proper maintenance in order to ensure a quality finished product:

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  • MultiCam Mentioned in Snips Magazine

    April 2013 Issue


    One for the Record books

    2013 AHR Expo packs them in at Dallas show

    MultiCam once again demonstrated its V Series plasma cutter. The computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) plasma cutter is designed for companies looking for a larger cutting surface, high volume cutting and the ability to cut thicker sheets of metal, according to company officials.

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  • MultiCam Mentioned in Industrial Machinery Digest

    Quarter 1, 2013 Edition

    “Automated Fabricators Rely on MultiCam V-Series Plasma”

    The economical and reliable MultiCam Value-Series Plasma system is a popular choice for making Industrial Machin digestreplacement and/or custom aftermarket automotive parts. A MultiCam Value-Series Plasma cuts parts to restore, modify, or trick out cars. Each heavy duty, commercial-grade performer, cuts material waste, decreases job times and increases profits.

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  • New Material Library for Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting

    On Hypertherm HPRXD Plasma Power Supplies

    New material libraries have recently behypertherm no bkg copyen released for Stainless Steel cutting on Hypertherm Plasma power supplies, pertaining specifically to the HPRXD 130, HPRXD 260, and HPRXD 400 systems.

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  • New Customer Installation

    Recently, a local company located in Vaughan, Ontario, had a MultiCam 1000 Series Plasma installed in their shop. They have made an excellent choice in CNC machinery as the 1000 Series Plasma is an affordable machine equipped with all the amazing features you would expect on a more expensive device.


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  • MultiCam’s V-Series Plasma Demo

    Watch video here:

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