SIDEROS is now offering a ROTOLIFT with 135 degree inclination.

Welders often find it extremely difficult to position themselves appropriately for welding large objects and can result in strain to your body. Dangerous accidents can occur when climbing on ladders or standing on lifts. To create a safe working environment, businesses owners should take every opportunity to make operations safer for their workers while providing an ergonomically friendly atmosphere.

Welding positioners allow the object being welded to be lifted, tilted, and/or rotated for an easy welding application for the operator. Sideros Engineering offers all of the movements which mean it can move on all X, Y, and Z-Axis. The ‘tilt’ movement brings the material to an incline where it would normally be at 0 degrees if lying on the floor. This product is capable of rotating the object as far as 135 degrees, which very few 3-Axis positioners can achieve.View video here.

All of these characteristics guarantee that the operating personnel can work in total comfort.


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