Think 3D

The capabilities of a CNC Router are definitely astonishing for those who have not went far enough to challenge this technology. One of the many abilities that has not been used to its full potential is 3D cutting. Whether it is 3D cutting, machining, or sculpting, the high-speed capacity of a MultiCam CNC Router makes them easier-than-imagined applications.

MultiCam CNC tools are fully capable of 3D applications called 3-axis interpolation. This means that moves are made smoothly in 3D space using curves and diagonals.

Design 3D

In all applications, the design process comes first. You need to create the concept on a 3D design system to form a 3D model. MultiCam offers EnRoute, designed specifically to use with your 3-axis CNC machine. It makes 3D surfacing as straightforward, flexible, and capable as possible. It provides relief editing and texturing tools that build and modify your design just as if you were drawing them.

Edit Relief Tool example

Create 3D

A great way to add an impressive touch to your lettering, decorative wood, or signage work is using V-Carving. This technique, also called chip carving, uses CNC motion with a v-shaped cutter to present a classic chiseled look. Although the work is still 2D in nature, the actual CNC movements that create the carvings involve full 3D, XYZ movements of the cutter. Since the layout process is 2D, this process is relatively simple and quick to create designs that are impressive in both a creative and production point of view.

A more elaborate 3D CNC cutting process involves both designing and cutting in 3D. The CNC cutter tip will follow paths at 3D curves or in 3D angles to carve complex shapes into the material. In order to completely sculpt in 3D, you need to think and design in 3D. Although it is more challenging and expensive than your regular cutting, it uses your CNC router to its full potential. What you can produce is nearly unlimited and even adding a touch of 3D to your projects can add unique value.



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