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CNC automation is widely used in the production and manufacturing industry. Shop owners want their machine operators to learn how to optimize the performance and safety of their equipment. The following are a number of tips from Cabinet Maker FDM for better CNC use and to make your operations successful:

Tip One: Check your Power Requirements before New Installations

Understand your power needs. When investing in a new machine it is important to plan ahead and research what type of power supply will be needed to ensure optimal performance. Making sure that all of the necessary infrastructure is in place will enable the implementation to run smoothly and efficiently.

Tip Two: One time projects can be profitable and help you diversify your business

Shops with CNC operation have found great benefits in taking on one time projects that are unique to their normal production. Future opportunities can arise from exploring a new product or variation on an existing product. This not only contributes to the variety offered by your company but can also establish long lasting customer relationships by catering to their individual needs. Furthermore, having a diverse product line is an advantage in the dynamic and increasingly competitive market.

Tip Three: Trust your machine and move on to other work

4 Essential Tips For Better CNC Use A CNC machine creates a substantial increase in efficiency and reduces the labour time required to complete the task. So make use of the time saved, by doing other work. By working on other tasks, such as creating your next job while the CNC is in operation, overall productivity will increase.


Tip Four: Optimize your CNC production for safe and efficient single-operator use

Many shops work with large and heavy materials. The task of moving these materials on and off the machine may require more than one operator. This process can not only be time consuming but also has the potential to cause injury due to the large scale of the materials involved. Investing in systems or tools to solve this problem can change a two or three person job into a safe single operator job. Lifts or vacuums for offloading are examples of how the process can be streamlined. This will reduce costs, lead to an overall increase in productivity, and help to prevent accidents or injuries.

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