Average Turnkey Package: $250,000-350,000 CAD

MultiCam’s 5000 Series WaterJet with its 5-Axis head is capable of producing up to 46 degree angled cuts with extreme accuracy and superior smooth edges. Machining with a waterJet is an erosion process and uses a fine stream combined with a machined-controlled abrasive to cut material without heat. Avoiding a heat-affected zone means there is no material distortion and the smooth edge reduces further production processing and eliminates any edge grinding.

MultiCam WaterJets are able to cut virtually any material with a repeatability accuracy of plus or minus .001 (One thousandth) inch, allowing for highly consistent closer fitting tolerances on your parts. Combined with KMT’s high-pressure pumps at 60,000 and 90,000 psi, the MultiCam 5000 5-Axis CNC WaterJet will zip through your cutting material in the fastest possible cycle times.

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