The featured product for February Fabrication Edition is the MultiCam 6000-Series Plasma.

Equipped with a Bridge and Rail System, this heavy duty machine is designed for manufacturers needing a large processing area without sacrificing accuracy or cut quality. The gantry has top mounted linear bearings which act as a “Bridge” over the table, and moves on precision guide “Rails” which make up the Bridge and Rail System.

Importance of non-unitized B & R system is shown when cutting heavy materials that are commonly used in the fabrication industry. The gantry being separated from the table allows for heavy-duty lifts to transport the material onto the table without the gantry being in risk of damage. Furthermore if the material were to hit the table and damage it, the motion control system, most expensive portion of the machine, is protected.

This single carriage can support Oxy-fuel and Plasma technologies, allowing for maximum versatility. The 6000-Series is the highest level of plasma delivered by MultiCam, and the awesome performance of the machine shows the outmost of superior quality. With z-axis clearance of 9”, this machine can cut through materials as thick as 2.5” depending on the selected Hypertherm power supply.

The 6000-Series Plasma is capable of carrying several different processes including:

  • Oxy-fuel
  • Plasma
  • Hy-DefinitionTM Plasma
  • Scribe
  • Drill
  • Electrospindle

Click here for more info on the 6000-Series Plasma



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