Waterjet cutting solutions are important machines used for CAD/CAM processes as they assist in the design and fabrication of complex, intricate shapes. Today, waterjet technology is becoming more efficient and reliable than most cutting methods offering clear advantages.

Why Choose a Waterjet?

  • Does not produce chips or dust—keeps workshop clean
  • Jet stream has no moving parts—stream will not overheat or wear out
  • Extremely durable with no need for expensive blades or gas tank refills
  • No heat-affected zone—substrate will not be damaged or structurally altered by intense temperatures (plasma/laser)
  • Options include pure waterjet cutting or abrasive cutting; the latter is used for shaping very hard substrates in which garnet added to jet generating extra cutting power
  • Used to cut very thin material or very thick material up to six inches deep, depending on the substrate
  • Extremely versatile technology (used in many different industries) resulting in less waste, extremely high sterility, and overall cost reductions

For more information on power and precision of waterjet cutting technology, click here.


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