Some of the most popular sign materials used in the industry today are Aluminum and Acrylic. Customers may ask which material is best to use for their sign, the chart below lists the properties of each of these materials, and cutting solutions for these surfaces.

Acrylic vs. Aluminum

Aluminum signs are mainly used outdoors such as traffic and real estate signs, where as acrylic is typically used indoors such as a commercial building. Offering both of these materials from your sign business is a necessity and it is imperative to have a quality cutting solution for both of materials. CNC Routers are capable of cutting both Aluminum and Acrylic, and to see the full Material Matrix of all MultiCam CNC machines click here (link).

Router Tooling Options

MultiCam’s CNC Routers, being a valuable cutting solution for these popular sign materials, are used with LMT Onsrud and Belin tools. Selecting the proper cutting tool is crucial, as the tool should give you optimum cut quality. The chart above gives a guide for which tool is appropriate for each material. Spiral O-upcut and spiral o-downcut tools are used on Acrylic and Aluminum respectively. To see the entire product line-up of MultiCam tooling catalogue click here.

In the sign making industry, clients expect maximum quality signs that will proudly represent their business. Owning the capital equipment to offer these superior results is a definite asset, however ensuring that your tool is the absolute best choice for your material type, size, and thickness is imperative for success.


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