On all ATHC systems, there is an ohmic sensor that is extremely responsive for high speed surface sensing. Once the sensor makes contact with the surface of the material, it closes an electrical circuit. A signal is sent back to the machine, automatically notifying it of the torch height. This keeps from bending material and giving a false material surface. The result of ATHC is a quality cut that does not require user intervention.

ATHC is the most advanced in its class out on the market today. Most systems have the user manually enter in a reference voltage for torch height, as sheets of metal do not lie completely flat. The MultiCam system automatically samples the voltage at the beginning of each program and sets this value for you. During a busy work day, errors can be made when entering many reference voltages that will end up costing your business valuable time and money. This tool could save you the hassle of dealing with unfavourable outcomes, if you include this sophisticated addition with your Plasma, before they happen. ATHC gives you a better cut, longer consumable life, and reduces the chance for error.




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