1000 series cnc waterjet

Brad Baker Plumbing & Heating located in Exeter, Ontario recently purchased the MultiCam 1000 Series Plasma in 2010. As we spoke to Brad Baker, he mentioned that his reason for purchasing our machine was because of its many functions and affordable price point compared to other brands. The machine has been working very well for them, saving time and physical labour. After installing the machine, the business has realized dramatic increases in turnaround time and major labour savings of over $60,000 per year.

Brad describes the machine’s EZ Knife Option as its best feature. They are able to cut insulation easily and within a timely manner. The HVAC industry uses the MultiCam EZ Knife feature to cut acoustic liners such as fibreglass and closed-cell foam. Both fibreglass and closed-cell foam are used to acoustically insulate steel HVAC ductwork. EZ Knife works with both rotary knife blades and oscillating knives. Combining the power of the MultiCam plasma and EZ Knife will allow metal and duct cutting for HVAC applications to be done with ease and efficiency. The Plasma machine has successfully integrated into Brad’s existing business, improving their ability to better service customers, lowering costs and increasing revenue.

The 1000 Series Plasma is applicable for not just HVAC but many other industries, cutting a wide range of material including steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and much more. It features dual drives, an engineered aluminum extrusion frame, 25mm bearings, state-of-the-art Hypertherm plasma units, the user-friendly MultiCam Controller, an integrated material database and more. 1000 Series machines are available in widths up to 80” and lengths up to 240” offering heavy-duty performance at a very affordable price. Click here to contact our sales department for a quotation catered to your application.

Source: MultiCam Newsletter: “HVAC Edition” – Volume 1, Issue 4

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