Have you noticed that every commercial building you see today contains Braille on their interior signs? Many Canadian corporations are being pro-active to comply with ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Requirements and easily accessible to disabled people. We assume that Canada will soon adopt these regulations; therefore integrating these requirements into your business operations will definitely benefit your company in the near future. Implemented in 2010, ADA Signage Regulations have required Braille to be on all interior signs in the United States. When you are a sign maker, it is a sure advantage to offer a wide range of options for your customers in this increasingly competitive sign market. Furthermore, when it comes to choosing a sign company, Braille capability will soon become essential.

MultiCam offers a Braille tooling option for its CNC Router. The Braille tool allows for custom Braille symbols to be embedded in any sign that a customer desires.

Tool Performance

Braille, composed of multiple raised dots positioned into symbols, allows the visually impaired to understand language that they cannot see. The tool first creates positioning marks for the raised dots to be placed into, by carving shallow base for each Braille symbol on the entire job. A second component is used to embed a tiny pebble into each base creating the raised symbols and forming Braille. The video here shows the Braille tooling option in action (click to view).[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Dzpa403GDDM]

The Braille tooling option is definitely a competitive advantage as you can customize the Braille to the appearance of your signs, enabling greater flexibility for your current customers, and an opportunity to increase your clientele.

ADA Signage Regulations

The ADA requires all characters to be accompanied by grade 3 Braille, and symbols to be accompanied by the description in tactile and Braille characters.


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