SONY DSCToday’s CNC routing technology is being combined with interactive design software to establish a process that will increase sign making revenues and produce a remarkable finished product. CAD/CAM software, such as Enroute Pro 5, allows sign makers to produce complex three-dimensional models that add value to the product by establishing a greater visual impact for customers. New generation routing software can help shops reach new heights by enabling more sophisticated signage, a direct result of applying very realistic textures and designs to a signs background. Combining this software with classic techniques like carving and hand painting, intuitive routing software represents a new direction in the sign making industry for sign makers who wish to take this path and create powerful 3D images for customers.

CAD/CAM software, combined with CNC technology, allows manufacturers to add a high degree of repeatability to the sign making process as countless numbers of signs can be processed with identical specifications. Enroute Pro 5 software for example, which is used primarily by MultiCam CNC routers, d5offers several benefits to sign makers utilizing this software. Its 3D surfacing and texturing capabilities allow sign makers to add texture to the design prior to cutting which creates a wide array of design possibilities. This progression is a result of the industry’s transition from primarily 2D routing and its many constraints to the flexibility and endless opportunities of 3D sign making.  Enroute’s 3D Engrave suite includes 3D engraving, Rapid Texture, Rapid Picture, Contour Distortion, and Prismatic Lettering. Each of which offers an easy to use interface allowing for relatively simple editing and the creation of high quality designs. In addition to its outstanding 3D features, Enroute 5 ensures the user of optimal utilization of materials consumed in the sign making process which is a very important cost-effective aspect to many firms. Other features are offered including several design tools which allow the user to easily create and edit shapes as well as a fast and reliable toolpath engine which allows for automatic recalculation when changes are made. These are just some of the many features CAD/CAM software can offer users and highlights its importance in the sign making process.

d2Signs have always been a necessity for many smaller businesses as a high-quality designed sign is capable of provoking customer interest and creating a welcoming sentiment for potential clients. Conversely, a poorly designed sign may ward off potential customers, negatively impacting a company’s image. In this case the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply! Smaller businesses are always looking to enhance store presentation and often a well-designed sign is the perfect solution. This creates a great opportunity for sign shops to serve this market. Now, MultiCam CNC routers and incredible design software like Enroute Pro 5, make it easier than ever to create a professional quality sign for firms looking to enhance the presentation of their company.


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