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  • 5 Types Of Cutting In CNC Routing

    In CNC routing there are generally 5 types of cutting: male, female, center, cleanouts, and drilling. It’s important to recognize which category your cut falls into as you will need to indicate the type of cut in the CAD software you are using. Each type of cutting has a specific purpose, requires specific types of drill bits, and the machine operator must take into account certain parameters for the cut to achieve the desired outcome.

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    When you think of CNC routing, usually plastic and wood materials come to mind. But CNC routers also cut aluminum, a weaker metal, quite well. At the same time, you have to watch out for a few things. As you might expect, cutting aluminum has its intricacies (versus wood and plastic). The first to be […]

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  • The Importance Of CNC Machine Maintenance

    CNC machine maintenance may seem like a boring chore compared to the other tasks of running a successful machine shop. When a machine breaks down, it can cost a business owner thousands of dollars, not only for the cost to repair the breakdown but in lost profits too. In those moments of exasperation, missed maintenance […]

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  • Steps to Create The Perfect Warm Up Routine For Your CNC Machine

    Who’s your favorite athlete? Got it? Whoever they are, they have a warm-up routine to prep for their contest. No athlete waits until the opening buzzer, quick runs onto the court or field, and then dominates everyone. If they did that, they’d risk injury. Or, they wouldn’t perform their best because their muscles aren’t warmed […]

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  • Right-size your waterjet cutting machine

    Which size and horsepower are right for your shop? When it comes to waterjet cutting, one size does not fit all. Every waterjet configuration has its advantages and weaknesses, and you need to consider many variables to determine which is right for your business. Among them are plate size (width, length, and thickness), part sizes, […]

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  • Waterjet Cutting for Sign Industry

    waterjet cutting for sign industry at Ruggles Sign

    What is it about retail signage that makes it stand out? Size certainly matters—the larger the sign, the easier it is to see. Lighting is equally important. But in an age where Amazon Prime and online shopping give us fewer reasons to set foot in brick-and-mortar stores, drawing customer attention is crucial. For retail stores, […]

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  • Using the 3000 Series Waterjet to create custom parts for the ‘Daisy Duke Motorcycle’ by Fuller Moto

    cnc waterjet

    The “Daisy Duke” is brain child of Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto and is built from a 2013 Custom KTM Duke 690 frame and has a Single-Cylinder Motor which produces 70 horsepower (69.8 Nm). It has a single-sided swing arm from a Ducati Monster S2R and the rear wheel from a Ducati 1198. The side panels are […]

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  • Improving plasma cut quality

    Plasma arc cutting (PAC), or plasma cutting, is a process by which a vortex of pressurized gas is ionized to heat and melt electrically conductive materials. The PAC system’s parts are configured to constrict and focus the vortex of ionized gas on an electrically conductive material so that the material can be cut with precision […]

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  • Four Tooling Techniques to Improve CNC Router Operation

    The heart of a CNC router is its tooling – where technology gets down to the business of cutting wood. The fundamentals in best practices for tool mounting and machining were covered in a recent webcast at Woodworkingnetwork. Presenters noted that when selecting a tool to use for an upcoming project there are four considerations […]

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  • An edge up on plasma cut quality

    There’s something about a high-precision plasma-cut edge. It’s shiny, almost glassy, and the cut geometry keeps getting more precise—with minimal edge rounding and washout, perfectly square or close to it. Mechanized precision plasma cutting has come a long way. Although approaches vary depending on the system, these technologies make a clean plasma-cut edge using similar […]

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