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  • What Additional Capabilities Exist for Optimizing Production with my Panel Saw?

    Now that you know how to choose the right panel saw for your applications, it’s time to take a deeper dive into our accessories and accessory packages for our panel saws for optimizing production with your panel saws. Our accessories provide many benefits including: Taking stress off your back by bringing smaller panels to waist level […]

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  • How To Choose The Right Panel Saw

    Determining which panel saw is right for you is the equivalent of opening Pandora’s box and often leaves you asking more questions. Our founder, the late Gene Olson invented the vertical panel saw in 1958 and we’ve been America’s Leading Producer of Vertical Panel Saws ever since. Our machines are proudly made in Minnesota, and […]

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  • How To Increase Your CNC Machining Speed

    Are you sending your own stress through the roof because you’re cutting it way too close with customer production deadlines? Or, are you the type who acts before you can see problems happening so they never actually occur? Everyone in CNC machining wants more speed…without sacrificing quality. So what are some ways you can get […]

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  • How to maximize solid wood machining

    Heavy-duty machining of windows, doors, stairs and other solid wood parts always requires high standards for precision and finish quality. In an environment when more and more customers want customized solid wood products, having a machining center capable of maximizing performance and productivity is essential for your growth and success. Ease of set up From […]

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  • How To Right-Size Your Waterjet Cutting Machine

    Which size and horsepower are right for your shop? When it comes to waterjet cutting, one size does not fit all. Every waterjet configuration has its advantages and weaknesses, and you need to consider many variables to determine which is right for your business. Among them are plate size (width, length, and thickness), part sizes, […]

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  • Cutting Glass With A Waterjet

    Cutting glass has always presented a unique challenge.

    CNC Waterjet Cutting Glass

    Two layer laminated glass cut using WaterJet technology

    Glass is a hard material composed of sand and an alkali metal that at a high temperature become fused together. It is considered to be an amorphous or non-crystalline material which is characterized by unique physical properties. Due to its brittle nature glass fragments easily as can be seen from the ease by which it shatters. Accompanying its brittle qualities, it is characteristically a very hard material.

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  • The Top 4 Tips That Will Help Increase Your Tooling Productivity

    Whether you’re new to CNC Machining or a practiced veteran, there are always ways to make your project more reliable and efficient. Here are few tips to keep in mind that will increase the productivity of your tools: The power of the shortest tooling If you’re routing a large part, that can certainly lead to […]

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  • 6 Common Plasma Cutting Mistakes And How To Fix Them

    Mistakes lead to wasted time and money. A good operator working on a well-maintained CNC plasma cutter saves your company thousands of hours and dollars, and generates you consistent revenue. Good operators know how to avoid the mistakes discussed below, and they should help your inexperienced team members learn how to avoid them too: Using […]

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  • Important Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your CNC WaterJet Cutting Machine

    Properly maintained machinery always gives you the best performance. So what does your waterjet need from you to do its best job every day? Some CNC shops and operators underestimate what actually needs to be done. And when you do that, you run the risk of inhibiting your productivity. So here’s what you should plan […]

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    Why would you get a CNC waterjet? You can get all kinds of different CNC machinery. So if you’re evaluating the different CNC machine types, here’s why you’d consider a CNC waterjet: Cut a Wide Variety of Materials When it comes to cutting versatility, you don’t get any more flexibility than you do with a CNC […]

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