[pdf-embedder url=”https://cdn.multicam.ca/wp-content/uploads/MultiCam-Pivots-to-PPE-Case-Study-April-2020-1.pdf” title=”MultiCam Pivots to PPE Case Study April 2020″]
MultiCam’s Celero Series is the next generation of Digital Cutting Systems as they offer one of the fastest knife cutting […]
Felt on a MultiCam Digital Express
When showcasing the capabilities of our digital finishing systems or routers, we are often asked why we insist on cutting […]
assorted rigid substrate
Original article found in MyPrintResource.com and written by Joann Whitcher All rigid substrates are not created equal. With the proliferation […]
According to a recent survey in PLANT Magazine by Grant Thornton LLP, 2014 shows growth potential for the Canadian manufacturing […]
Once again MultiCam Canada showcased our digital finishing solutions at Graphics Canada 2013. From November 21-23, hundreds of companies took […]
The optimal combination for your sign The work and knowledge that goes into the manufacturing for a sign is as […]
The Sign Association of Canada’s National Tradeshow attracted delegates from all over the world to see the latest and greatest the […]
The MultiCam Digital Express combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife cutting capabilities. The Digital Express is also available with an optional conveyor […]
Digital cutting requires high levels of precision and accuracy to ensure the quality of your end product. Whether cutting out […]
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