ICTC has just released a report on Canada’s industrial automation sector. Although this sector has generated $2 billion in revenues […]
plasma cutting industry trends
FabShop Magazine recently interviewed Evan Smith, president of Hypertherm. Based on the recent economic downturn, Fab Shop Magazine questioned how […]
Common Line Cutting example for Laser
A couple weeks ago we posted an article on cutting techniques that will increase your shop’s efficiency. One of those techniques […]
Feedrate edge qualities in waterjet cutting
In waterjet cutting, when we refer to the feedrate, we’re talking about how fast the waterjet moves along the material […]
With today’s long-life oxygen cutting technology, plasma is the most productive, cost effective way to cut carbon steel from gauge […]
In the plasma cutting world we are often quoting our power units on the amperage. As a refresher on high […]
HPR800 thick metal cut
Article featured in FabShop Magazine and written by Jim Colt of Hyperthem High-definition plasma cutting has been available for almost […]
Plasma Bevel Cutting
Article originally published in The Fabricator December 2013, and written by SigmaTEK systems. The path to a quality beveled part […]
steel industry
The Steel Industry Canadian government grants for hiring program aims to create career-oriented employment opportunities for recent Canadian post-secondary graduates […]
Do you currently own a handheld plasma torch such as one from the Hypertherm Powermax line? Have you been considering […]
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