The featured product for February Fabrication Edition is the MultiCam 6000-Series Plasma. Equipped with a Bridge and Rail System, this […]
Downdraft tables can be installed on any CNC plasma systems and used for a number of applications. Sideros offers 4 […]
The self cleaning system RAPID CLEAN has been designed in order to minimize the maintenance operations for cutting tables. During […]
FASTCLEAN is a conveyor system which allows the automatic extraction of dust from the outlet hopper of the filtration unit. […]
The new environmentally friendly ECOFIBER dust collector easily integrates with your CNC machine. In comparison with standard cartridges, the filtering […]
Sideros dust collecting systems are available in 7 models (listed below). Cleaning of dust and fumes is performed through compressed […]
ROTOCLEAN is a de-scaling and de-burring tumbler specially conceived to take away quickly and at low costs the scales, burrs, […]
ROTOLIFT is a three axes hydraulic positioner and handler, specially designed for welding and assembling operations. The machine works to […]
The MultiCam Graph-X-Cutter is an extremely flexible high-speed CNC finishing system. It combines digital registration with powerful routing and knife-cutting […]
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