Matching your Production Needs to Router Capabilities

There are many different models of CNC routers that can be used for woodworking; however, some may be better suited for your needs than others. Before you delve into any specifics, you should determine how you are going to be using the machine, where there is enough physical space on your shop floor for the machine you are considering, and whether it is large enough to perform the tasks you want. Once you have considered these factors you can conduct a more thorough analysis.

How much you are willing to pay

item9dHistorically, the best routers available have been very expensive, but due to technological advances, prices have come down considerably in recent years. Make sure that you conduct a cost-benefit analysis to see if the added costs are worth the benefit. Faster, more accurate routers will tend to be more expensive, while slower, less accurate routers will cost less and have older technology incorporated. Most professionals will look for a router that maximizes the speed of their production.

Whether the model features a tool changing design

Another thing to consider is whether the model features a tool changing design. This feature allows the machine to change its bits automatically without the need for an operator. The machine will know which bit to use for certain jobs and can work continuously without stopping. This increases the speed of production and enables the operator to perform other tasks rather than having to attend to the router to change the bits manually. More expensive models will tend to have this feature, whereas less expensive ones will not.


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  1. A lot of woodworkers are into CNC machines and routers and it’s good that you came up with important points in choosing the best cnc router. It would definitely be best to know what you want and set a budget spending plan. If you know what you want and have set a budget, everything else will follow and you will definitely get to choose what you want.

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