Clark Steel Design and Fabrication are creators of professional steel signage and specialty part creation. Servicing South-Western Ontario, this steel design company wanted to expand their abilities and product offerings with a new CNC plasma system. Wayne Clark, owner of Clark Steel, describes his investment experience and how the new MultiCam CNC Plasma will change his business for the future.

High Quality Investment  

When Clark Steel evaluated the option of investing in a CNC Plasma, they outlined a specific decision criteria composed of requiring a high quality and robust system within their budgetary constraints. Like all purchasers should do, Clark researched the entire market for entry level CNC Plasma systems, evaluating them based on important factors such as machine construction, quality, price, and required machine maintenance. After careful analysis, MultiCam outperformed the competition in many of the categories as a high quality system in the market, “it is low maintenance compared to other CNC machinery and is very fast working,” says Clark.

Increased Productivity

All machine buyers require optimal production times and/or more capabilities that will allow for additional product offerings. Clark steel was no different, with producing creative parts and signage, the company needed to decrease job process time while staying as cost efficient as possible. Clark reveals that the “[V-Series Plasma] is the fastest way to cut out parts”, for their custom steel design, which makes a huge impact on production efficiencies to maximize profit. The Hypertherm PowerMax 85 supplies Clark with the power to cut from 10 gauge sheet metal to 3/8” steel to create specially designed parts. When looking into the return on investment Clark notes that, “this machine has definitely increased productivity” for his business.

#1 Technical Support

One of the biggest concerns that machine buyers have is being able to maintain their equipment to ensure that production does not stop when there is a machine malfunction. When asked what his favourite feature of the V-Series Plasma was, Clark responds undecided as to whether the quality of the machine build or the MultiCam technical support tops the list. MultiCam’s full service technical support comes standard with all MultiCam machines, making equipment support readily available for all clients. At MultiCam Canada, we use the analogy, “Would you buy an everyday car you cannot get serviced?” Why would a customer buy a machine their business is reliant on and cannot easily get parts!  *MultiCam Canada stocks repair parts to service machines quickly.

Found Opportunities

Wayne mentions that when buying production equipment; “you have to understand your needs and the machines capabilities” to find the perfect match and to be successful. But when wanting to expand you product offerings, more advanced machine capabilities will allow you to engage in more business opportunities in the future. “Many new doors have been opening up,” and Clark Steel is now able to offer more to their customers because of the upgrade to the MultiCam V-Series Plasma. “Customers come to me with many ideas for different things they need made from metal,” Clark says, as the CNC Plasma technology has enabled more cut capabilities to deliver desired results. Now that Clark Steel has invested in the V-Series, Clark boasts that he can “bring [custom metal] ideas from a design on paper to the finished product.”


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