This Monday, at the start of the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, MultiCam was off to a great start cutting samples on the 3000-Series CNC Plasma and the 3000-Series CNC Waterjet.

MultiCam’s 3000-Series Plasma with HPR 260 XD cut through ¼” mild steel. The first image displays a 9-digit phone number closer to the bottom edge of the steel, done using a process called marking. Initially, nitrogen gas was used to mark on steel but now argon is used as it yields a higher cut quality. Cutting at 100 IPM with 15 amps,  argon may be slower than nitrogen which cuts at 250 IPM, but the end result is a cleaner edge.

The Plasma’s Hypertherm torch uses True Hole™ technology which produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible. The 3000-Series is a HyDefinition CNC Plasma machine cutting at close tolerances with an edge bevel of 2 degrees or less.

MultiCam’s 3000-Series Waterjet is paired with a KMT Streamline PRO 90,000 PSI Intensifier. The second image of the aluminum bike was cut with the Waterjet at 20 IPM using ¾ pound/min 80 grit garnet. The bike was cut using a diamond orifice with a kerf of 0.025”. The costs involved with operating a MultiCam Waterjet  add up to around $30/hour, with 80% of the cost being the garnet, and 20% being the water and wear and tear.


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