Downdraft tables are used to capture plasma smoke and fumes. A blower pulls air out of the enclosed table below the plate. The smoke is ejected out of the bottom of the kerf at a high velocity and as long as enough air is being pulled through the blower, very little plasma smoke should escape. MultiCam Canada is a licensed distributor of Sideros Downdraft Tables. Sideros Engineering offers a range of sophisticated high quality downdraft tables. Sideros offers four different types of downdraft tables for plasma, oxy and laser cutting operations:

  • Orion: Applications for this type of table include oxy cutting and medium power plasma cutting. This table has one or two suction channels which are protected by thermal shields
  • Sirius: For high powered plasma cutting or multiple torches. There is a single high powered suction channel down the middle of the table.
  • Polaris: Used for oxy cutting of thick sheet metal. It has suction channels and pneumatic components.
  • Lasertab: This model is used for all types of laser cutting.

Downdraft tables for different cutting operations

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