Average Turnkey Package: $90,000-140,000 CAD

With the APEX3R CNC router, you get a number of features standard with the machine that you normally only get when you buy much more expensive CNC routers. The APEX3R, features a heavy, all-steel tube frame that ensures durability. It also makes your CNC machine more rigid, which reduces vibration and improves routing quality. Multicam includes the EZ Control operator interface so you can start routing right away and have minimal interruption in your work processes. A three-axis motion control system gives you tight control over routing quality for precision and quality cutting your customers will love.

Optional with the APEX3R CNC Router are an automatic tool changer to make changes in cutting parts fast, fully programmable CNC knife that allows you to cut a wide range of materials (such as rubber, foam, gaskets, textiles), spindle speeds ranging from 4-13.3 HP, a coolant mist system for cutting non-iron metals, and several others.

With the APEX3R CNC Router, you can cut a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, foam, and composite materials. While it can work for a wide variety of applications, the most common are for sign making, woodworking, and marine part fabrication.

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 APEX 3r Standard Features:

The APEX 3R Router makes it easy for you to get the most out of your machine

                    • MultiCam EZ Control handheld operator interface
                    • EZ Suite Software
                    • Heavy, all-steel tube frame construction
                    • 25mm linear ball bearing profile rails for maximum stiffness
                    • High Speed 3-axis Motion Control
                    • Brushless 3 phase servo motors coupled with digital AC servo drives
                    • Automatic Tool Calibration

Yes, you do get Ethernet, Automatic Tool Calibration, and one of the easiest to use hand held interfaces for no additional cost!


Download our Utility requirement PDF – Voltage / Amperage Table for Routers & Vacuums

Router_Pump Voltage & Amps





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