The versatility and sheer power of CNC routers has substantially impacted how many different shops approach their manufacturing processes. This is due to the functionality of modern CNC cutting equipment which utilizes easy to use CAD programs for the design of detailed pieces that are cut with absolute precision. The CNC router has become a prominent fixture in workshops and manufacturing processes due to its versatility and efficiency. The widespread availability of the router has allowed for several trends to emerge that have quickly and drastically changed the way many shops think about their production processes:

  • Smaller Production Runs: CNC routers allow for the production of smaller and often irregular outputs, completed in a timely manner. Smaller production runs is not necessarily a bad thing for job shops, as it is the result of increasing technological capabilities of CNC equipment, allowing for variability in production processes opposed to producing a purely fixed output. CNC routers combined with user-friendly software programs allow users to tailor products to specific clients or maintain static outputs for general audiences.
  • Shorter turn-around times: CNC routers are relatively easy to set up and implement into a manufacturing process resulting in shorter production times as well as reduced time in inventory. This allows shops operate on a just-in-time basis or another method that suits their needs. CNC routers help complete manufacturing processes in a shorter amount of time while using fewer materials, which is a very important factor for many cost-driven shops.
  • Emphasis on Floor Space: Shop outputs have often been drastically limited by their floor space. Like many CNC routers offered by MultiCam, the machines are compact and versatile devices that help to eliminate the need for any additional production components, creating an all encompassing manufacturing unit. As a result, shops are thinwarehouseking more strategically about their floor space and what production expansion opportunities exist as a result of this increase in space.

CNC routing machines are devices whose versatility and functionality are quickly altering the way many manufacturers are looking at their manufacturing processes. MultiCam’s line of routers includes both 3-Axis and 5-Axis models, which can help create a sustainable competitive advantage capitalizing on some of the trends above.


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