As an addition to your MultiCam CNC Router, we offer the UNIST Coolubricator Misting Unit. The Misting Unit can be of great use on non-ferrous metals, general sign applications, and any other cutting that requires material cooling/lubricating. The UNIST system uses a combination of air and a fine fluid mist from Coolube™ 2210 premium vegetable-based lubricant. Cooling along with lubricating is extremely important when cutting non-ferrous metals including aluminum and brass sheets.

The UNIST system is integrated with the MultiCam control system. The Misting Unit is turned off when the tool is in the “up” position, and the system is turned on just before plunging into the material. This automated function will help conserve the Coolube™ lubricating/misting fluid.  A lifetime warranty is offered on the UNIST system when Coolube™ 2210 is used. For more information, email us directly at [email protected].

*Note: Auto Misting Unit requires compressed air.


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