High-pressure MultiCam WaterJet machining systems offer unique advantages over other cutting technologies. When combined with our EZ Control system, waterjets are able cut virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy and without a heat affected zone. The MultiCam WaterJet line comes in three strategic frame styles – all powered by KMT high-pressure waterjet intensifiers. MultiCam is proud to partner exclusively with KMT, the global leader in waterjet cutting technology.

CNC waterjet cutting offers many advantages over more traditional cutting methods:

  1. No heat affected zone, heat distortion, or mechanical stresses – requires few secondary operations
  2. Narrow kerfs – better nesting and material usage
  3. Can cut virtually any material, thin or thick, soft or hard
  4. Fast and easy to change materials, with no tool changes required
  5. Minimal effort in weighing down material to be cut to prevent movement
  6. Can be easily integrated to existing operations as a complement for other cutting technologies
  7. Allows for multi-head operation for maximum efficiency
  8. Very safe – water is non-explosive and abrasive material is non-toxic, a leak in a high-pressure water system will lead to a rapid drop in pressure but nothing hazardous
  9. Easy to learn operate with minimal supervision required
  10. Environmentally friendly and clean – no sparks, smoke or dust emitted, water can be recycled and reused or filtered and disposed down a drain, produces no hazardous waste, saves material with its nesting capabilities

The MultiCam Line of CNC WaterJet

  • Waterjet Applications

    • Stone and tile machining
    • Job shop (general parts fabrication)
    • Metal cutting (all metals)
    • Aerospace machining (non heat-affected edge)
    • Automotive parts manufacturing
    • Gasket manufacturing (rubber products)
    • Foam cutting
    • Glass/ceramics machining
    • Carpet cutting (pure water)
  • MultiCam Waterjet Options

    • Full range of tables sizes (4’ X 4’ to 20’ X 60’+)
    • Full range of intensifiers (30 HP to 200 HP)
    • 60K and 90K PSI options
    • Abrasive and pure water heads
    • Multiple heads for simultaneous machining of parts
    • Closed water filtration systems
    • Abrasive removal systems
    • Chillers

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