Average Turnkey Package: $120,000-180,000 CAD

MultiCam’s 1000 Series CNC Waterjet is the perfect platform for accurate and quality cuts every time. Cutting with a Waterjet is beneficial for heat-sensitive processes as it does not create any heat-affected-zones which could potentially lead to warped material.

MultiCam’s EZ Control G-Code and Coreo software ensures a simple yet effective workflow for machine novice and experienced operators alike. Combined with Coreo, an intuitive CAD/CAM software, businesses will have the ability to draw, program, and cut within the same program.

With a cut speed of 1,000 IPM and a rapid traverse of 1,200 IPM, the 1000 Series Waterjet provides quality and reliable cutting. Since the jet-stream of water is so small, the kerf (line of cut) is minimize so businesses can get the most parts out of their material to maximize production output.

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1000 Series Waterjet Standard Features

No machine offers more standard features than the MultiCam

  • MultiCam EZ Control®, Coreo® BMO software
  • All-steel, stress- relieved, integral water tank design
  • Three-side cutting tank access
  • Integrated fork lift tubes
  • Dual-side, brushless digital AC servo drives
  • Full range of KMT intensifiers

Available Options

  • Two and three head configurations
  • Up to four pure water heads
  • CNC Computer Interface Station
  • Integrated CNC control air conditioner
  • Laser Pointer
  • MultiCam Coreo Software Packages
  • Chiller for intensifier
  • Closed-loop filtration system

MultiCam’s CNC 1000 Waterjet is perfect for companies who require a high degree of precision when it comes to cutting  rubber, foam, vinyl and textile.

waterjet brochure 1000

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