Choosing the right blade is an essential part of obtaining the best results from your Digital Express. There are many options to choose from and it all boils down to what material you are going to be cutting. The MultiCam CNC Digital Express is a very quick and precise machine with a rapid traverse speed of 7000 inches per minute. This makes it a great choice for individuals in the print and graphics industry that are cutting fairly thin material.

The different knife options include:  oscillating knife, creasing wheel, rotary knife, kiss cut knife, and drag knife. As mentioned above, MultiCam Canada showcased the Digital Express at CONSAC and used an oscillating knife to cut through foam core. The oscillating knife does a great job of cutting around intricate shapes as it has a fine pointed edge and a frequency of up to 9.000 1/s. The oscillating knife comes in different lengths ranging from 10mm – 100mm depending on your needs.

Another option is the creasing wheel. This wheel is very useful for individuals that are in the process of packaging as it creates a perfect crease to bend the material for making boxes. The creasing wheel will place just enough pressure on the material to create an indentation while never piercing through the material.

The rotary knife is a great option if you are cutting very large shapes that are not complex. Most often it is used on foam material which is quite thick but not very dense. Anyone cutting insulating material should opt for this knife.

The kiss cut knife is spring loaded and adjusts for the depth of the cut. For example, when cutting out stickers you only want to cut through one of the two sheets of paper; the sticker and not the backend.  The kiss cut knife will essentially imprint the cut to allow the end user to remove the individual stickers from the non-adhesive backing.

An additional option includes the 45 degree knife or V groove. This knife cuts through thicker material on a 45 degree angle so that two ends can bend and fit to make a 90 degree angle.

Finally, the drag knife is ideal for cutting straight edges quickly. It pierces through the material once and drags all the way through the entire job. The drag knife is very efficient and gives you a clean finish. It can be used to cut many different types of low-density materials like cardboard and vinyl.

For more information on other MultiCam CNC knife cartridge options, click here.


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