coreo software
the industry’s latest platform for taking an idea from concept to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

The Coreo software offers end-users the full spectrum of workflow technology, from design art to cutting materials, to analyzing real time and historical performance. Coreo equips the end-user with a fully integrated platform solution for operating a MultiCam CNC machine.

Design and production teams can quickly deliver finished work, thanks to an intuitive operator interface experience that’s well thought out and streamlined for efficiency. Coreo equips MultiCam machine tools with advanced features to minimize avoidable errors and speedup productivity.


Get started quickly by easily connecting with the machine control systems located throughout your production floor. Uploading and downloading control programs & parameters is easier than ever and is done within seconds. Save time finding and launching each of Coreo’s modules as their start icons are conveniently displayed in Connects auto-sizing tray. Review network connections, controller status information, and troubleshooting tools is equally convenient as Connect gathers and displays them in the same tray. Connect makes establishing and maintaining network connections fast and easy.


Easily design your art in Design’s familiar CAD environment. Start from scratch or import an existing file. Tools in this robust CAD platform include scaling, sizing, fitting and alignment, complete text tools, as well as 100+ engraver fonts. Soon, serialization will also be available in Design’s set of efficient tools. Graphic tools include creating and editing shapes & graphics, node editing for vectorized graphics, ability to import stroke widths, and more than 65 import/export filters. A customizable toolbar allows easy access of favorite tools and custom hot keys save even more time.


Build applies parameters and tool paths to CAD drawings, converting them to machine-ready CAM files. Manage multiple jobs, tools, and processes. Save time and reduce errors by pre-configuring many of Build’s flexible parameters, now including the ability to assign beveled angles to contours, making processing of subsequent work even quicker. Tasking is easy thanks to smart layout and use of savvy Toolbars, Tabs, Setting Panels, and a tap-down simple-to-complex screen design. Intelligent shape and material libraries, easy adjustments, auto tool paths, and advanced processing all support quick, efficient nesting & optimum sheet yield.


Command opens CAM files from Build for execution on the machine tool. Command makes machine tasking easy with tools like enhanced vision system technology, job queue, bar code, smart shape library, job history, time estimation, simulation, and unlimited material and process support. Easily control the process: adjust* certain design & cut parameters, preview and step through the job prior to execution, now sequence job execution based on processes; initiate start, pause, & cancel functions, view real time job process, and graphically restart within the job file. Tool speed is improved with the addition of parabolic cutting slews.


Stay abreast of key metrics and make informed assessment of business and machine performance thanks to reports summarizing job and machine status, per job or over multiple machine’s and multiple shifts. New Iot enhancements include monitoring your machine’s performance, capturing data on electrical power, runtimes, motion, and part counts. Also watch for data capture from ancillary equipment, motor parameters, and critical temperatures.