Cost Benefits of a CNC Waterjet

When evaluating any capital expenditure, it is important to do a cost-benefit analysis to see if the equipment provides you with the appropriate rate of return. Ultimately an investor will only decide to make a purchase if the product provides a positive net present value, meaning the benefits outweigh the costs. Investing in a CNC WaterJet is a perfect example of this, depending on the scope and budget of your business, a MultiCam WaterJet has considerable benefits compared to its costs.

The benefits of a Waterjet are:

  • Diversity – has the ability to cut a wide range of materials
  • Quality – excellent finish on all surfaces
  • Productivity – fast cut speeds lead to greater productivity

Diversity – ability to cut a wide variety of materials

MultiCam CNC WaterJet machines are the most versatile on the MultiCam CNC lineup. From stainless steel to marble, the WaterJet can cut it all. Investing in such a dynamic machine is a cost benefit as no cutting job will have to be outsourced again. It also provides the opportunity for cutting other materials that you may not be able to cut with your current machine.

Quality – finishing tasks become obsolete

Another major cost benefit is that the MultiCam WaterJet eliminates the need for most secondary finishing tasks. As you can see in the 3000-Series video the WaterJet creates a smooth, clean surface that does not require the added expense of sanding or finishing. The high performing WaterJet creates the quality that every manufacturer seeks, and choosing this machine will provide you with a competitive advantage. View the types of materials a CNC Waterjet can cut here.

Productivityfast cut speeds lead to greater efficiency

If your goal is to maximize productivity, there is no choice better than a CNC WaterJet. With cut speeds up to 2700 IPM, you can complete more cutting jobs in less time resulting in fewer operating costs.


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