Advanced Emissions Technologies, a world class pressure testing equipment manufacturer, had a MultiCam 6000 Series CNC Bridge and Rail System installed in their shop and they are currently enjoying the flexibility and reliability inherent in this great machine.


The 6000 series is designed specifically for manufacturers like Advanced Emissions who cut heavy plate or need a large processing area without having to make the sacrifice of accuracy or cutting quality. A major advantage of the 6000 Series is the motion platform being independent from the cutting surface ensuring that the platform is not damaged from material loading or from the high heat of oxyfuel cutting. MultiCam offers operators of the 6000 Series the option of the Max40 spindle for drilling and tapping large holes in steel plate, which was especially important to Advanced Emissions. This great feature is mounted next to the powerful Hypertherm torch and can drill holes up to 1.125” in diameter with an optional 8 position tool changer for automatic tapping as well. The system also has an optional Z-axis probe to accurately determine the Z-axis plane on warped or inconsistent sheet enabling the system to accurately drill and tap holes. This feature is very reliable as coolant is applied through the center of the cutting head which allows for the extended life of the tools, a bonus for any cost efficient company. Advanced Emission made the decision to expand their operating capabilities and the MultiCam 6000 Series CNC Plasma fitted with the Max40 drill and tap spindle option has played a large role in this expansion.

Watch the video below to see the drill and tap feature in action.


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