MultiCam 3000 Series WaterJet cbd

MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce that CBD Glass has recently installed our 3000 Series WaterJet with a KMT S50 Intensifier in their shop. Located in Toronto, Ontario, CBD Glass offers clients unique technical and aesthetic methods of glass decoration, specializing in one-of-a-kind contemporary and traditional classic designs, for both commercial and residential purposes.

Offering truly distinctive pieces, each creation is an exquisite piece of art reflecting the specific designer’s own developed style and refinement. CBD really has no limit to what they offer as they specialize in the production of architectural textured glass, melted glass, interior/exterior door lights, railings, frameless doors, decorative windows, glass floors, countertops, glass fireplaces, etc. CBD remains committed to creating the most elegant glass designs to match the vision of the customer.waterj7

Many of CBD’s creations require exceptional cutting quality to maintain the stylish design of the product, which is precisely why they choose a MultiCam WaterJet. More specifically the 3000 Series WaterJet, which offers CBD a high level of accuracy (tolerance +/- 0.001) with excellent finish and no heat affected zone. This particular model of MultiCam CNC WaterJet has turned out to be perfect choice for CBD who was looking for both performance and value in a CNC machine. In addition to its superior cutting quality, the 3000 series is backed by MultiCam Canada’s skilled technical support staff that provides several trainings days to help integrate the machine into CBD’s operations. CBD takes pride in their superior products and designs and we are incredibly happy they have chosen MultiCam to help carry on this proud tradition.


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