MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma with Hypertherm HPR 130XD and Powermax 45nu-tech

MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce that Nu-Tech Metals Sales and Service have installed a 3000 Series Plasma with Hypertherm HPR 130XD and Powermax 45 power supply in their shop. Situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Nu-Tech Metals is a privately owned sheet metal fabrication company who remains committed to ensuring its customers a quality finished product that suits their exact specifications.

Nu-Tech Metals boasts a highly trained team that is committed to meeting customer needs and adapts easily to changes in project requirements. A big reason for this flexibility is the machinery they employ. The MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma is an incredibly efficient cutting device featuring high speed contouring, automatic initial pierce height, and user-friendly functionality that many people have grown to expect from a MultiCam machine. The 3000 Series Plasma has the ability to cut different materials including mild-steel, stainless-steel, and aluminum, offering Nu-Tech the flexibility they need to serve a diverse customer base.

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Nu-Tech’s 3000 Series was customized to include two different torch heads which both offer a unique set of advantages for their company. MultiCam fitted a Hypertherm HPR 130XD and Powermax 45 torch on the machine to provide a certain degree of variety when cutting different thicknesses of materials. The Powermax 45 torch uses compressed air and offers Nu-Tech a quality cut when cutting thinner materials. In addition to receiving exceptional cutting results, the PowerMax 45 functions at a lower operating cost, providing a valuable alternative when cutting. This makes the Powermax 45 an excellent choice when cutting thinner materials. The HPR 130XD torch uses a combination of compressed air and oxygen making it ideal for cutting thicker materials. Although the operating costs are higher when upowermax and torch configsing HPR 130XD opposed to the PowerMax 45, it offers more precision and superior cutting quality when working with thicker materials. This selection gives Nu-Tech the ability to make cutting decisions that they believe best suits the particular project.

For a company like Nu-Tech who strives to completely accommodate the needs of their clients while improving their own margins, having the HPR 130XD and Powermax 45 gives them the ability to accomplish both these goals. They are no longer limited in their cutting decisions as MultiCam has provided Nu-Tech with two incredible cutting solutions to choose from. This is just another example of how MultiCam can satisfy your company’s most unique cutting requirements.  We would like to congratulate Nu-Tech on adding a great machine to their operations!


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