Working with Habitat for Humanity to Give Back to the Community

MultiCam Canada is thrilled to announce the recent installation of both a 5-axis 3000 Series WaterJet and a 7000 Series Router with a knife option for one of Canada’s largest construction contractors. The company plans to use these machines as part of a joint project with Habitat for Humanity to help build two-unit, semi-detached homes for low-income families. This is a project that resonates deeply with our core values and we are happy to have the opportunity to contribute.

The Project

IMG_1601The company plans to build houses using permanent modular construction techniques. Essentially, this means they will build a house in pieces, transport them, and then put them together at the construction site. The plan for one home includes 14 different parts or “modules” including four to form the ground floor, six for the second floor, and four for the roof. The modules will be built by volunteers at the company’s construction facility in Mississauga before being shipped to St. Catherines where more volunteers will work on seaming the wall and floor joints, exterior siding, flooring, painting, finishes, and landscaping. The project is expected to be completed by late June and the goal is to have both families in their new homes soon afterwards.

How our machines are helping

Our machines will be used extensively at the construction facility in Mississauga. Normally, when two pieces of drywall meet at a corner they need to be taped and plastered to seam them together. However, with a 7000 Series Router the company will be able to use a V-groove router bit to cut the back of the drywall to allow it to fold over corners. This will reduce the need to tape and plaster the corners as is traditionally required leading to a faster, more efficient production.

IMG_1604The 3000 Series WaterJet on the other hand will have a plethora of uses. This machine has the ability to cut many different types of material for various applications such as cutting granite for countertops. In addition, the 5-axis bevelling head will allow the company to cut along 5-axes at the same time and stay flexible with their design choices. The 3000 Series WaterJet will be versatile, yet powerful enough to meet any of their needs throughout the project. Both the 3000 Series WaterJet and the 7000 Series Router will play important roles in the project and help deliver two brand new homes to deserving families.

The Families

The Aden and Melnyk families from Niagara will be new homeowners from this project. Abdiaziz Aden and Bilad Warsame are parents to five young children and were living in public housing before this opportunity arose. The poor air quality at that location caused all five of their children to develop asthma. Sonia Melnyk, a single mother of two children, was situated in a cramped apartment on a busy street in St. Catherines. Habitat for Humanity’s Homeownership program will allow these families to purchase the homes and repay a no-interest, no-down-payment mortgage based on their incomes. This will provide each of them with a proper place to live that they could have never afforded in their current financial situations. Both families are extremely thankful for the opportunity and are sure to benefit greatly from this project.

History of the partnership

IMG_1602The Mississauga-based construction company has been Habitat for Humanity’s home sponsor since establishing a two-year, $1 million commitment in June 2011 to support the development of over 20 homes throughout Canada. The company has donated $100,000 for the home sponsorship, general contracting services, and many volunteer employees for this project alone. In addition, many other Canadian businesses have stepped up to supply labour and materials for the project.

We take great pride in being able to help our customers reach their goals, but it is especially rewarding when our CNC solutions allow them to give back to the community. It was a pleasure working with one of Canada’s largest construction companies and we hope both our 3000 Series WaterJet and our 7000 Series Router go a long way to ensuring the successful completion of the project and the families’ future well-being.



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