MultiCam 5000 Series Router

MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce that Pattison Outdoor Advertising has installed the powerful MultiCam 5000-Series router in their shop. This is a very exciting installment for MultiCam Canada as Pattison Sign Group holds the title of Canada’s largest Out-of-home advertising company. Currently, Pattison Sign holds a staggering 54% of the national market share in horizontal posters in addition to a 46% market share of all traditional out-of-home media.

Out-of-home advertising is essentially what you would imagine based on the name; it is the marketing efforts directed at consumers while they are outside of their home.  Out-of-home marketing is focused on targeting consumers while they are “on the go” in public places, transit, waiting rooms, etc. Pattison’s head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, with 23 more offices across Canada. Pattison Sign Group creates many different advertising products including billboards, street furniture, and digital signage which include items such as posters, banners and vinyl displays for malls, hotels, airports, etc. Their MultiCam 5000 Series router will help to create many of these products in an efficient manner, upholding the level of quality that has made Pattison Sign Group an industry leader for many years.5000-r

Pattison has made a wise choice in CNC machinery as the MultiCam 5000-Series router is an extremely flexible device used in a variety of cutting applications. Designed for high speed routing, the 5000-Series is easily configurable to meet most application requirements, making the machine a robust commercial grade system designed for heavy duty CNC routing. We have been delighted to help Pattison expand their operating capacity by supplying them with this amazing CNC cutting solution.


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