The NRC’s Fundamental Shift to Help Canadian Industries

MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce that we have recently installed a 1000 Series Router at the National Research Council of Canada. We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the NRC’s new research and development efforts.

The Federal government has given the National Research Council the mandate to start focusing on more practical, commercial science as opposed to theoretical science with less obvious business applications. The government said that the council has historically been a supporter of business, but has departed from this in recent years. The council had been pursuing its own ambitions rather than answering the call for innovation from Canadian industries.

The National Research Council of CanadaYesterday, the NRC unveiled their plans to restructure their research and development initiatives. The revamped NRC is now looking to focus on industrial research and new business development. The notion is that although new ideas and discoveries may be very interesting, they are not necessarily useful until they have been developed into something with commercial value. This shift in thinking will undoubtedly spur the creation of good quality, high paying, and long lasting jobs in Canada.

MultiCam Canada is one piece of this puzzle. Our 1000 Series Router will allow the NRC to transform their research into tangible innovations for businesses. This also shows the councils commitment to become a more attractive partner for businesses.

MultiCam won the deal against steep competition through the government tender process, whereby suppliers effectively bid for the government’s business.  Tenders are evaluated and the one that offers the best value for money is selected. We take great pride in offering value for our customers and are happy to have this recognized by the Government of Canada.

We look forward to working with the NRC and the government in the future to help strengthen the manufacturing industry and grow new business domestically.


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