1/4 inch aluminum cut on a waterjet, router and plasma (from top to bottom)

While plasma cutters are often the choice machine for users that are cutting aluminum, the router and waterjet can provide effective alternatives. While the router takes longer to cut the aluminum, it also provides a noticeably higher quality cut and finish. The Waterjet in comparison to the plasma cuts the aluminum faster, but alters in quality. So depending on the purpose and use of the aluminum you are cutting, you may find greater benefits with a router or waterjet. Therefore it is important to take into consideration the quality and speed of cut that your machine is providing, or that you would like prospective machines to provide. In addition to cut time and quality there are variable costs to consider. These are costs that vary directly with the volume of production. The variable costs for this trial are as follows:

  • Plasma Cut: Hourly cost of production – $0.50, and capital outlay – $50,000
  • Router Cut: Hourly cost of production – $4.00, and capital outlay – $65,000
  • Waterjet Cut: Hourly cost of production – $40.00, and capital outlay – $95,000

The following is a chart of the cut specifications:







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