The digital express combines high speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife cutting capabilities in a fast wide-format sheet fed cutting platform. Additionally the digital express has the option to be ordered with a conveyor component. The conveyor option provides many benefits for the CNC production process:

Allows large or rolled materials to be cut easily

  • The conveyor provides the machine with the ability to advance the material forward, allowing there to be a continuous cut. This is very beneficial for large material that needs to be cut as a whole segment, rather than smaller individual ones.

Automatically advances material

  • The conveyor automatically moves the material that is being cut forward. This allows the machined to continue cutting material without having to wait for it to be manually reloaded

Offloading is easier and more efficient for the operator

  • Since all the material is advanced to the end of the conveyor, a shop can easily integrate an offloading method such as a catching bin. This way the operator does not have to keep walking back and forth, and the process becomes more efficient and time effective.

Reduces time spent on loading and positioning the material

  • Due to the fact that the material is continuously moving along the conveyor it only needs to be loaded and positioned once, for that large piece.

Less machine downtime – greater utilization

  • The machine will have less downtime because not as much time will be spent on loading materials on and off, and setting the machine up for that particular cut

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