Proactive Steps to Prolong Useful Life

MultiCam Canada is known for offering its customers a high quality and reitem9dliable CNC router and as such, a MultiCam machine is one that deserves only the best care and upkeep. Listed below are several simple practices that you can follow on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule, to ensure that your MultiCam router is running properly and cutting accurately for years to come.

  • Daily Maintenance

There are several daily tasks you can perform on your MultiCam Router in order to prolong its useful life. It can be good practice to adjust the air pressure regulator in order to ensure the incoming pressure flowing to the machine is within the optimal specifications (between 110-120 psi). To complete this action, pull up on the centre cap and rotate to set the desired pressure. Next, it is beneficial if the water and oil separators are checked and purged daily to ensure that no contaminates pass through the air supply to the machine. If the spindle is liquid cooled, it is also important to check once or twice a week to make sure the coolant level is full. If the spindle is air cooled, it is also important to clean it daily as dust accumulates on the spindle’s cooling fan and this can potentially cause it to unbalance. Other daily routines such as checking computer connections, sweeping the work area, and examining tools before cutting are all smart practices that can lead to the extended life of your router.

  • Weekly Maintenance

First, it is imperative to lubricate all the necessary bearings and screws. CNC routers use a combination of rack and pinion, ball screw, and lead screw drives to create motion and each of these components require regular lubrication to ensure any potential damage is avoided. Cleaning the vacuum pumps filters is also important as they should be checked, cleaned, or replaced when necessary. You must note that when removing and cleaning filters, you must not let any debris enter the vacuum pump inlet. Cleaning your tool holders and collets is another effecthouse hold cleaning equipmentive maintenance technique as they must be rust free and clean. Lastly there are other simple tasks that are very important to the overall health of your MultiCam router such as wiping off any excess grease and double checking all your computer connections.

  • Monthly Maintenance

Several monthly tasks must not be overlooked by the user if you want to ensure your router is continuously running at its peak performance. You want to make sure you lubricate any racks and check for loose bolts on the machine and tighten them when applicable. Also, it is wise to change your vacuum pump oil and grease cartridges if necessary.

By choosing a MultiCam CNC machine you have chosen a high quality device that will help increase your productivity and improve your manufacturing operations. These are just a few simple steps that will help to maintain the high performance standards inherent in every MultiCam CNC machine.


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